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Me and Christmas

Dec 24, 2009

years by years, i always wait for christmas time. hmm, it's really fascinating and exciting when christmas coming to the earth! lol
literally, i am a moslem. i am not a religious one type, but i have decided my faith, my lord. and it never can be changed by anything.
so, why i still love christmas time? first, there are a lot of good movies playing on tv. yeaaaah! i can spend the whole day in front of television on christmas time. such a freak. love actually, homealone, the holiday and family stone are some great christmas movies.
there's one of my favorite christmas scenes on sex on the city. when Carry goes alone in christmas eve and Auld lang syne accompanies her long walk . it sounds perfect! almost of christmas movies have snow and winter on it! maybe, i have been a hollywood victim. christmas eve without snow as same as food without salt! hahahaha really silly for me who never see the real snow for whole of my life. but, snow has given me a motivation in order going to another islands, Europe land! a kinky reason. and i really hope that next year or next next year, i can make my dream comes true. eymen! lol
besides, i love love the tradition, santa claus folks story, christmas tree and christmas songs (i don't care about the lyrics). i just feel the music is like a joy in the sorrow, flying my mind to somewhere else so far away from here. as same as lebaran, on christmas eve, people comes home and gathers with their family. they have a fine dinner, share stories, laugh, get many gifts from their lovers. it's really full of joy. it's a rarely potrait, maybe just happen once time a year.
a good friend ever said that religion is part of culture . Celebrating it means honor.
so, we never need to be shamed to celebrate it! yeaaaah, i can't agree more than this.

so, have a great christmas everyone, may this christmas brings you and your family love and joy. happy holiday!