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April shoot!

May 1, 2010

april was so friendly with me! i did a lot of things and felt so great with those!

one of my fun april activities was a photo session. you know, i really love love this ki
nda job. it is not only how about taking picture, but also how to prepare a good concept and suitable wardobe. it is that i love the most, the passion behind the shoot itself. :)

so, this session was different with the last one. i met more new friends, angga, monica and windy as photographers. oh of course, i still got this project with my favourite one, pepito, ghege, heru and my gorgeous girl, ninuk.
i thought that everyone had their own style on capturing photos. because i was amateur model (yaiks), i felt a little bit nervous when a blitz flashed on my face because i never worked with a lot of people before this. but, it was so pretty fun!

those pics were captured as behind the scene from the making of this photoshoot. enjoy! :)

with cicih ghege and cicih ninuk ;p

monica has a good taste of fashion . i love to collaborate with her. :)

location: taman kampung raja, kedai kopi

so, i am waiting for the next invitation guys ;)