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another fun shoot :)

Mar 18, 2010

several days ago, me and friends (Ghege, Vito) made some photo sessions again. it was a spontaneous idea, come from our idleness to get a short activity. actually we had some unfinished ideas from last photoshoot, but we were lack of our super teams, Tari and Heru (they were getting busy with college things). so, we decided to make just a simple photoshoot, without a special theme. we hunted some places that had a good view yet effortless to be a background . and finally we found yards in several clusters. then, me and Ghege created some stuffs like skirt, hairpieces, clips to minimalize our budget. and the most interesting part, three of us went shopping to flea market to get outfits which can be special in our photoshoot. we tried to be a little creative with low budget :)

our handmade hairpieces :)

fitting room a.k.a evacuation room LOL

so, the day was coming! :)
first location, we took photos in a brick house. the host was friendly as lovely as her house. it was such a homey house I ever met. :)

blossom in brick house
photographer: Pepito Praptowahyono
stylist: Ade Stefi and Ghege Raida

is it true that ghege looks like sissy precillia, rite? ;p

before heading to next location, we stopped in a new bridge in my town, Aurduri 2, because I was so curious after heard story from both of them. the bridge is better than first. architecture is more beautifully complicated and the road is not too wide. and guess what, we had a sudden idea taking picture there without any preparations. and that was so hot there! :)

Between an Aurduri 2
photographer: Pepito Praptowahyono
stylist: Ade Stefi and Ghege Raida

finally, we arrived at our last location. we chose a minimalist one with green yard in a cluster. the host is chinese with a good taste, IMO, based on furniture in his house. hahaha.
but, unfortunately the weather was not on our side. it was so dark and gloomy. but you know, we were such a fighter in a war. never give up before winning. LOL.

photographer: Pepito Praptowahyono
stylist: Ade Stefi and Ghege Raida

our supermodel *wink*

and, once again, i felt in love in vito's photograph ability and ghege's styling ability. we were a great team. but we would be greater if there were our step mother, Tari and Heru. miss you both :D